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DAKIDAKI Earrings Shine in a gorgeous photoshoot by a beautiful Irish bag brand August Night

Effortless Accessorizing: Lightweight, Unique, and Chic Brass Earrings

When it comes to accessorizing, sometimes less is more. Brass earrings are the perfect example of how simplicity can make a bold statement. Lightweight yet sturdy, these unique pieces bring a touch of chic elegance to any outfit without overwhelming your look. Brass earrings stand out for their versatility. Whether...


I was very excited last week to announce that my new collection GEOMETRICS 2020, is finally live on the website, updated and ready to go. It’s such a nerve-wracking time. Putting so much time and effort into something then pushing it all out publicly. Do you love what I love?...

AYA- New Earrings Collection

My new earring collection was inspired by a trip to Thailand its where I spend my time engrossed in temples, markets, landscapes, colours and textures of an unknown culture. It’s a combination of tribal and modern chic.Unique feminine statement earrings are rich in colours, with polished surfaces contrasting textured  geometry. ...

How to make brass earrings?

Intro collection came together over a longer period of time. I wanted to create light and a minimal piece for every day. A piece that makes you feel feminine and chic in such an effortless way. ONA earrings are really simple to make with few tools that you will find...

Sneak preview

Inspiration can be hard to quantify, difficult to predict, and impossible to force. It’s been a while since I’ve felt fully immersed in a creative zone. Life has actually been super busy in lockdown with the demand for face covers. I’ve loved being able to put my design hat on...

Back garden styling

Heyyyy, hope everyone is doing well and enjoying that little bit of extra freedom. Things for me have been busy in some ways and then quieter in others. Ive ben trying to work on new levels of enthusiasm for more picture making, styling ideas, and fun things to share with...

How to clean brass jewellery with kitchen ingredients


From the press: Totally Dublin

Totally Dublin Look at this :). I am in love with this amazing shot by David Gannon https://www.instagram.com/davidgannonphotography/ which was styled by super talented Sarah Corcoran /https://www.instagram.com/sarahcorcoranstylist/ I mean this is it ❤️. Totally DUBLIN (August, issue 179 )      

From the press : EVOKE DAKI OF DAKI DAKI DESIGN taught herself how to sew on Youtube to start funky brand

By Eleanore Hutch  Like many designers before her, Daki Rezic’s business began when she found something she badly wanted to buy did not exist. Daki, who hails from Zagreb in Croatia but lives in Dublin with her Irish husband and children, began Daki Daki Design a couple years ago and her bumbags and earrings are...


Some call it a bum bag, fanny pack, lumbar pack, waist wallet, belly bag, waist bag, hip pack, moonbag ….. They were the biz in the 80’s, made of a polyester neon, worn with pride and bulk. But sadly it all ended with a cringe. Many many years have passed,...

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How did DAKIDAKI Design came life