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More about DAKIDAKI


DAKIDAKI d e s i g n was brewing for a while. My love of making and a passion for design have been around for a long time. The creative journey officially started in September 2016.

So what do I do?

DAKIDAKI Design is home of accessories for everyday living. A fusion inspired by tribal jewellery and colours, with a modern twist. The concept behind dakidaki design is to deliver a unique experience of accessorizing, for everyday life with comfort.

Over half of the materials are sourced from local businesses. The community is important to me, as I believe that supporting local business is great for everyone

It’s always nice to feel and see the materials…..

….. we also I love little chats with the retailers.

Not to forget the quick coffee breaks when we are on my travels.

I am passionate about my products. Each item is handcrafted and slightly different. Pieces are made with a lot of attention, energy, and love.  There are many steps from inspiration to production, and all of them done ethically in Dublin. While working, I am always mindful of waste. It’s always important to reduce and reuse the materials. Faux leather scraps get used in school for arts&crafts and sewing projects.

I am very excited to launch my website and to build relationships with my customers and suppliers. My aim is to promote friendly and open service.

I hope you like what I do, and if you would like to leave any feedback please get in touch.

Daki x