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Some call it a bum bag, fanny pack, lumbar pack, waist wallet, belly bag, waist bag, hip pack, moonbag …..

They were the biz in the 80’s, made of a polyester neon, worn with pride and bulk. But sadly it all ended with a cringe. Many many years have passed, and it warms my heart to say that they are back. They have came a long way since then, now made from real leather, faux leather, embellished, printed, different sizes, more flattering than ever.

I say yes please to all of that

Bum bags are the ideal accessory for festivals, everybody knows that. Hands free for hugs, hellos, goodbyes, drinks, dancing, and not having to worry about the only car key you have. Daily essentials are at hand, but you still have free hands….pure liberation if I may add.

So why not bring in more of that hand freedom in everyday life?
Bum bags can be your true companion with the ultimate combination of style and functionality. You can work, cycle, hike, dance, travel, run after your children or just add chic to your look.

Waist bags can be styled with a dress that fits smoothly and fashionably around the waist. It provides the functionality without compromising the look.

You can rock the effortless look and your personal style, so don’t be shy to stand out.

Wear it and Love it


  • Love it Daki! Your bum bags will take over the world!


      Ha ha ha. Thank you so much. Bag revolution 🙂

  • So much cooler than my original 80’s version!

  • Very nice