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From the press : EVOKE DAKI OF DAKI DAKI DESIGN taught herself how to sew on Youtube to start funky brand

By Eleanore Hutch 

Like many designers before her, Daki Rezic’s business began when she found something she badly wanted to buy did not exist.

Daki, who hails from Zagreb in Croatia but lives in Dublin with her Irish husband and children, began Daki Daki Design a couple years ago and her bumbags and earrings are ‘are made for everyday, to compliment the look and to fit into our lifestyle. Without her husband Peter’s encouragement and a few YouTube sewing lessons, the business would never have gotten off the ground! 


So how did Daki Daki come about? 


‘My business started from my own need and want for accessories. At times I couldn’t
find design that I had in mind so I decided to make them myself. I design and make
everything, trying to use locally sourced materials as much as I can,’ Daki tells

‘I like unique pieces, colours and statement jewelry. Accessorizing should be fun, easy and comfortable. Funky pieced can transform your whole outfit, and colour makes you feel amazing.

‘The concept behind Daki Daki design is to create something unique, that would reflect individual style and personality, but also in an ethical way.’


For her business, Daki sources all materials in Ireland, and from inspiration to final production, she makes each piece entirely by herself. 

The mother of two, who calls her kids her greatest achievement, says that it was when her children became that little bit older she realized she finally had the time to begin her own business. 

However, there were a lot of obstacles!


‘The most stressful part of setting up the business was putting myself out here and dealing with self doubt. Learning new set of skills such as sewing was another challenge.

‘I thought myself how to do basic sewing by watching tutorials on YouTube, but in the meantime, I made a million mistakes. I struggled with time management and organization, but I suppose that’s to be expected, you do get a tiny bit wiser as you do it.’

Many mistakes were made before thing ran more smoothly.’


And like many an entrepreneur who sets up their business from their home, Daki admits that without the support of friends, family and her husband, it would never have gotten off the ground.

‘Focusing on the next thing that needed to be done eased the stress. I could not have
done it without the support of my family and friends.’

‘It was actually my husband Peter who encouraged me to go forward with my passion.’


Furthermore, Daki had a ‘romantic’ vision of her designs being rushed off the shelf, but things did not quite work out that way.

‘I was excited and petrified, as I had no business background what so ever. In my mind it was all romantic, you make something and people buy it instantly but they also want more… How wrong I was? I mean I didn’t even know what Instagram is, and I was surprised to hear that it exists for years.’

‘What I had to learn is that time is essential. Designing process is a journey and it should not be rushed, trust your instinct.’


‘Things are evolving all the time and I still have much more to learn. I realized there isn’t a formula that works, and that things need to be tweaked continuously. If something didn’t work, don’t get hung up on it, recalculate and keep going.’

Daki Daki Designs are sold on their website or in store in Tamp & Stich, Temple Bar, Dublin; Studio & Press, Thomastown, Kilkenny; My Shop…Granny Likes It, Galway, and in O Reilly Turpin, Westport, Mayo.