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DAKIDAKI design was born from a personal need for vibrant and feminine accessories that bring joy. Something different with an expressive quality that would reflect individual style and personality, but also in an ethical way. DAKIDAKI Design is a home where vibrant colours and luminous metals come together to form hand-crafted  accessories as artistic as they are functional.

The heart of the brand is to provide an experience that nurtures and celebrates creativity and individuality with a strong emphasis on design and feeling good about yourself. The accessories are made for every day, to complement the look and effortlessly to fit into our lifestyle. 

Daki is endlessly inspired with colours, traveling, geometric shapes and textures. The fusion of tribal and modern offers a clean and vibrant aesthetic, while exploring love and appreciation for statement pieces.



"For years it was a just a hobby, I was making pieces for myself as I could not find what I was looking for. After few years and two babies I decided to officially launch DAKIDAKI Design in 2017" 




 The materials I use are:



︴polymer clay


Brass and aluminium are beautiful lightweight materials. Each piece is handcut, textured, filled and polished. Each piece is handcrafted which gives a uniqueness to every design. 

⋑ Care

Raw brass/gold plated brass components may tarnish and darken over time but can be easily cleaned with ketchup (run for a few minutes, rinse and dry )


Polymer Clay is a durable material which is sculpted, textured, baked, sanded, drilled and assembled. During the process raw polymer clay is constantly reused creating small amounts of jewellery with minimal waste, which is kinder to the environment.

Every item is a handmade labour of love and because of it tiny imperfections may show on designs which makes them unique.

⋑ Care 

The material us also is flexible but please avoid bending your jewellery to maintain its shape and strength. Handle with care and please avoid wearing your earrings in water, to sleep in or during exercise. Be sure to store your earrings carefully away from other metal jewellery to avoid scratches.

Makeup or other dirt can be removed by gently going over dirty spots with soft cotton and rubbing alcohol or acetone.


Made in Dublin and worn all around the world.