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Sneak preview

Inspiration can be hard to quantify, difficult to predict, and impossible to force. It’s been a while since I’ve felt fully immersed in a creative zone. Life has actually been super busy in lockdown with the demand for face covers. I’ve loved being able to put my design hat on for the covers but if I’m honest I’ve longed to create something more akin to my roots. Ah yes, the earrings, the bags.  

Sometimes it feels like the harder you try the less attainable the creative process can be. And so it’s been over these crazy months we have all been living through. Look less, feel more and just let it come naturally.

Ok, confession time, I may enjoy some random dress browsing. Instagram, Pinterest, etc, etc, guilty, guilty. It’s amazing how ideas can spring from where you least expect. Neck deep in some thoroughly enjoyable browsing, unexpectedly, I came across a dress that really inspired me. It wasn’t a dress I wanted or anything that I imagined myself in, but the colour combo was striking and perfect, and all I could think about was earrings.

The striking lines just kicked the creative process into overdrive. Pen, paper, draw, draw, draw. Its felt soooo good. 


There are no rules when and where will inspiration come from, all I know is that the creative process takes time.

Besides my favourite small and big circle, there will be a half-moon in every size. I’m feeling adventurous and inspired so I’m going to try a square and also this beautiful arch shape. I always loved the idea of white as a background, but I was never confident enough to work with it. I’m throwing caution to the wind. White is difficult and unforgiving from the perspective of physically making each piece. The area needs to be cleaned by hand as every speck of dust will show.  In the end, I think it was all worth it, I am really happy with these beauties.


Striking colour has always been a favourite for me. Whats contrast without colour. What can I say I’m a sucker for bold statement pieces with vibrant colour! A sneak preview of a sneak preview. Collection 2. Colour, colour, colour. 


It feels so good to be in that creative zone again and on the cusp of releasing something that has got my inspiration levels sky-high. Everything will be handmade so stock will be low initially. I’m hoping to have everything ready to go July 15th so please send me an email if you would like to get an early release purchase option:

Thanks and be safe .. Daki