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Back garden styling

Heyyyy, hope everyone is doing well and enjoying that little bit of extra freedom. Things for me have been busy in some ways and then quieter in others. Ive ben trying to work on new levels of enthusiasm for more picture making, styling ideas, and fun things to share with you guys. Slowly, slowly getting there. A little bit of makeup, a few earrings from the Aya Collection and some evening light was all that it was needed. 

Just warming up. The first few pics are never too comfortable. Help me please .. Warming up a bit with a classic combination of denim and turquoise Laut earrings…… just can’t go wrong with denim.


Bright colour and geometric design make these turquoise LAUT earrings perfect accessories for day and night


Yellow cotton T is probably one of my favourites colour wise to wear. Just to confirm I have a similar top in three different shades of yellow that I stole from my husband. Pair it with jeans, red lipstick and funky black and brass earrings, and you are ready to go. Easy, simple and fun. POLA earrings come with a bold contrast of black and gold and will definitely look amazing with any complementing outfit.

 To dress it up a bit, I am wearing stripey top and Lua round earrings. Their simplicity and minimalism go a long way and element of aesthetics to the whole outfit.


Solis round earrings feature a geometric-shaped design, bringing a feminine vibe to every look. They come in gold or silver.