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I was very excited last week to announce that my new collection GEOMETRICS 2020, is finally live on the website, updated and ready to go. It’s such a nerve-wracking time. Putting so much time and effort into something then pushing it all out publicly. Do you love what I love? Do we connect from a design perspective? Thankfully the reaction so far has been great and all that time and effort seems worthwhile. Enough about my fears and insecurities lets talk inspiration.

The collection represents two merging concepts under one name. One inspired by Japanese calligraphy art with the harmonious balance between black shapes and white space, and the other through geometry in nature, the shapes and patterns that exist all around us. Each pair is a unique story and no pair is the same. 

I wanted to evoke a feeling of everyday chic and effortless accessorising. The pieces are feminine, unique and radiating from day into night. They are meant to be playful to brighten up your day or set off that amazing evening get up. Colours are amazing, so let’s wear them more.

I love being creative and having the freedom to develop my ideas, making each piece to be exactly as it should be. The process of creating the Geometrics collection was, well .. a little bit longer. Initially, I worked through loads of ideas, made loads of samples and loads of mistakes until I was happy. That’s just part of the process of hopefully achieving the perfect final expression of the design. I can’t stop questioning and analysing every piece until it feels right. I’m so reliant on my intuition when it comes to design. An experiment from the heart.


I am forever grateful how this process makes me feel and my goal was to inspire all you lovely ladies too. I hope you like it ……. 

Daki x