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A model wearing dangly halfmoon brass earrings

How to make brass earrings

Intro collection came together over a longer period of time. I wanted to create light and a minimal piece for every day. A piece that makes you feel feminine and chic in such an effortless way. ONA earrings are really simple to make with few tools that you will find in every home.


  • Brass sheet
  • Shape for tracing
  • Pen
  • Hammer
  • Metal file or sanding paper
  • Scissors for metal cutting
  • Dremmel or drill or metal hole punch
  • Sand cushion ( optional )
  • Wooden round hammer ( optional )
  • Earhook

Step 1

Trace the desired shape onto the brass sheet

Step 2

Cut out the shape ( be careful with the sharp edges)

Step 3

Texture the piece with the hammer. You could use the metal block or a hard surface

Step 4

File the rough edges with a metal file or sanding paper until its smooth

Step 5

If you are using metal hole punch just make a hole in the middle

If you are using Dremel or drilling machine first mark the drilling area and dent it slightly with a nail or whatever you have available if. When drilling its important to place a piece of wood or a foam underneath to protect yourself and the piece.

Step 6

The next step is optional.

If you would like your piece slightly curved use sandbag or a firmer cushion.

Wash the piece and dry.

Connect brass with the ear hook and you are done…….

daki rezic

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